Microsoft Australia Partner Awards 2017
Your chance to shine
The Awards Program
Has your company delivered something exceptional? Our awards program recognises stand-out projects from Microsoft partners who use our technologies to help customers achieve their business vision and business goals. It's a celebration of excellence, an opportunity to showcase your capabilities, and be rewarded for your achievements.

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Submissions open July 1, 2019 and close September 1, 2019.

Five unique awards categories

Engage your Customers
Award for Excellence

Empower your Employees
Award for Excellence

Optimise your Operations
Award for Excellence

Transform your Products
Award for Excellence

A Cloud for Good
Award for Excellence

What we're looking for
Enter as many award categories as you wish, using a different customer solution story for each submission. Each submission should comprise a 60-second video uploaded to YouTube and an executive summary (4,000 characters max). Before submitting your entry, you must identify the customer and confirm that they are willing to participate in your case study.

Video Submission guidelines
Keep it short and simple. We're not looking for flashy production values, just content. Describe the customer challenge, your technology solution, and why you believe it is 'excellent' - innovation, efficiency, ROI, sustainability, etc.

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Executive Summary guidelines
You should provide one executive summary for each category submission limited to 4,000 characters including spaces. Please ensure that you address all the points below.

Business Challenge
Choose one solution. Describe the specific customer scenario(s) and problem(s) solved by the solution. Include your customer's business challenge or problem and provide examples of the before-and-after-solution implementation scenarios.

Benefits & Impact
Please describe the benefits and business impact of your solution. Specify the products (include version) and technologies used.

Transformation & Differentiation
How has basing your solution on Microsoft's technologies helped position your organisation for growth or transformation to adapt to the cloud? How has it helped you win against the competition in a customer situation from a technical and business perspective?

Market Need
Is this solution specific to one customer, or does it have broader market potential?

Partner of the Year award winner benefits
Five national category winners will recieve the following:

Recognition at the Microsoft Summit and an invitation to an exclusive winners dinner.

Custom public relations templates to help promote your award-winning status.

Trophies to signify your success.

Congratulatory letters from Microsoft Australia's General Manager.

Photo and PR opportunities with Microsoft Executives.

Customised logos and web banners that help you showcase your company.

Case study opportunity.

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